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Choosing the Right Type of Towable RV

If you’re considering a towable RV as your next investment, you need to know the different types that are on the market so you can be sure you’re getting the right one for you and your family. We’ve made this quick overview to help you identify some of the strengths and weaknesses of several different trailer setups. At Western Slope Trailer & RV, we have the experts that can find you the right RV trailer for your road adventure in Rifle, CO near Grand Junction.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are going to be one of the biggest towable RV options available to you. You’ll spot them by their very specific fifth wheel hitch. You’ll notice that these rigs have a hitch system that gets installed directly into the bed of an open or flatbed, which means you’ll need a specific type of tow vehicle to move it around, like a pickup truck. While this might mean a little more work for you, it can greatly help you in the long run as this overlap creates more control and stability for you. They’re also going to give you more interior space, more storage, and often more luxurious amenities. 

They will however be the more expensive option, even before considering a new tow vehicle (if necessary). Also, as great as the big size can be, it’ll pose a challenge for some during the winter if you choose to put it in storage, so make sure you have a plan before investing so you’re not caught off guard at the last minute.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are probably the most common type of towable RV. They come in a wide variety of sizes that make them great for a range of travellers. From full sized trailers, to compact teardrop style models, this class of RV can fit just about any camping style. The simple ball hitch towing setup allows trailers to be towed by a wide range of vehicles, from trucks, all the way to small cars, as long as your tow vehicle is rated for the size of RV you have hitched up.

However, even some of the nicer, fancier models won’t be on par with fifth wheels. Also the towing setup can be a bit more unruly, requiring more skill to maneuver and back in, even if they can be a bit more intuitive to first-time owners.

Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers are a special class within both the fifth wheel and travel trailer classes of trailer, but they’re unique enough to warrant a little explanation. These trailers are designed specifically to combine living space with a garage to carry small off road vehicles like a UTV or dirtbike. The greatest advantage here is that you’ll be able to bring along your favorite off road toy when you travel.

The downside to a Toy hauler is that you sacrifice some of your living space to the ‘garage’ area of the trailer. While many of these garage areas can double as extra living space, they are designed primarily for the storage of your vehicle, and so you might lose some of the amenities that are present in dedicated fifth wheel and travel trailer models.

Towable RVs can give you a lot of great advantages over motorhomes, but you’ll want to figure out exactly which model is going to be right for you. We’ve broken things down into some of the most basic categories to get you started, but there’s still going to be a lot of sifting to tackle, so if you need more help in finding the right RV for you and your family, stop by Western Slope Trailer & RV and let one of our friendly staff know how we can assist you. We welcome all patrons from Rifle and Grand Junction, CO.