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Choosing the Right Utility Trailer for Your Needs

Utility trailers are a great way to transport all sorts of cargo. Because of their open design, you can use them for bulkier objects that would otherwise get stuck in an enclosed model. But the key to real success is finding the right utility trailer to fit your needs. To help you out, Western Slope Trailer & RV in Rifle, Colorado, has provided some tips for narrowing down your options. Check them out for yourself, and contact us with any additional questions you might have. We proudly serve those in Grand Junction, as well. 

Consider Your Budget

Of course, as you’re looking at your options, one of the biggest concerns is going to be the budget. While we’d love to encourage everyone to buy the perfect utility trailer no matter how much money it costs, the perfect trailer needs to fit within your financial constraints.

We recommend balancing what’s realistic for you with what’s realistic for the market. You don’t want to set the range so low that you exclude most of your options. Look around at some of the models that you’re most interested in and compare the average cost range with your budget and make some adjustments to your expectations as needed.

Also ask our sales team about how you can make these trailers more affordable, including financing options, choosing pre-owned options, and any promotions or sales we might be having. 

How Much Space Do You Need?

Size will also be an important deciding factor. You want to make sure you have enough deck space to fit all your cargo, whether you have many smaller items you need to transport or one or two large items. You also don’t want to have lots of wasted deck space, so bigger may not always be better. Consider what it is you’ll be moving and take a few measurements. You want to give yourself a little buffer room if possible so nothing is tottering off the edge. 

Weight Matters

Speaking of size, when you think about size concerns, you also need to be thinking about weight. Every utility trailer can only handle so much weight, and your tow vehicle can only handle so much as well. So the first thing to consider is how much weight you expect your trailer to carry, so you can ensure you’re getting a model strong enough to handle this.

You’ll also want to check in with your tow vehicle’s towing limits. This will likely require looking up the gross combined weight rating (GCWR) which gives you the total weight limit your unit can be, including the tow vehicle, any towed items, cargo, and passengers. If you’re concerned about your tow vehicle’s ability to haul your cargo, you’ll either want to get creative about transportation, or consider finding another vehicle that can handle the extra weight. 

Legal Concerns

This will mostly apply to those who are buying a utility trailer that’s quite large. Most states have restrictions in terms of how big a trailer can be, like in Colorado, you can’t have a trailer longer than 28’ 6”. Odds are, you won’t be looking for something like that at our lot, but it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with applicable trailering laws so you can ensure you’re not going to get slapped with a fine. 

While there might be other ways to narrow down your options, eventually, you’ll want to start looking at some utility trailers for sale. Take a look at what we offer here at Western Slope Trailer & RV in Rifle, CO, and let us know which models you’re most interested in. We proudly serve those from Grand Junction, so contact us today!