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Decorating Your RV’s Interior

Whether you only travel in your RV occasionally or you live in it full-time, you want it to feel like your home on the road. Standard RV color schemes don’t exactly inspire passion since they’re designed to be economical and broadly appealing. You want an RV that you can walk into and know that you’re in a comfortable and welcoming environment, which is why it’s important to put your own personal touch on your RV by decorating the interior to your liking.

Not sure where to begin? Western Slope Trailer & RV in Rifle is your western Colorado RV dealer. Below, you’ll find some easy and inexpensive tips for decorating your RV interior so that you can truly call it home.

1. Add Some Color

Do away with the browns, beiges and greys that make up the color palette in your RV. You can paint the interior just like you would any room of your house or apartment, so head to the hardware store to get some paint chips to play with.

You could paint one wall in a bold accent color and leave the rest of you walls as they are to create a focal point. Or you could paint the whole room white and let your accessories be the pops of color you need. 

Choose colors that complement each other well and are to your liking. If you love bold primary colors, then don’t be afraid to use those, but a pastel palette is also totally fine. Want to use your favorite sports team’s colors? Then do it! After all, it’s your space to do with as you like.

2. Throw Some Blankets & Pillows Around

Soften up that utilitarian RV furniture with blankets and throw pillows. Select colors that go with the walls and decor you’ve chosen, or choose wild prints as a fun contrast. If you’ve got kids, then they undoubtedly have that favorite fleece character blanket which will certainly make your RV feel like home when it’s draped on the couch or spread over their bunk. Maybe you’ve got your aunt’s crochet afghan or a beloved heirloom quilt from your wedding that you haven’t used in your house. Bring them out to your RV and make it feel warmer.

3. Change the Lighting

The lighting in your RV is designed to be functional more than it’s meant to be inviting. If you like, you can change out those cold LED lights for incandescent bulbs that give a warm, yellow glow. Or you can select lightweight lamps made of plastic or wood to set on tables or hang from the ceiling.

You might think strings of Christmas lights are only meant for December, but you can use them as decorative lighting year-round! Hang them up around the ceiling of a room or around a window for a more delicate and colorful mood lighting. And while candles aren’t ideal on an RV, you can get LED candles with a little switch on them to get the same effect while being fireproof.

4. Hang Up Art

Don’t just let those walls sit empty! Use the space to put up wall hangings, posters, framed art and decorative items like plates or masks. Make a paper garland that’s lightweight and in your favorite colors, or knot clothespins onto some hemp or twine cord evenly spaced so that you can clip pictures and postcards to them. Just make sure that your art is secured to the wall so that it doesn’t fall and break while you’re driving, and try to avoid anything glass.

5. Grow Houseplants

Fresh green leaves not only add an attractive and lively touch to your RV living space, but they also help to cleanse the air and provide more oxygen. Even if you’re not a green thumb, there are a number of low-maintenance houseplants that you can grow on the road. Mount small succulent containers on the wall or drape a viney plant around a window.

We hope these tips prove helpful to you in decorating and personalizing your RV to your tastes. Seeking campers for sale in western Colorado? Visit our website to see the wide array of new and used campers and RVs for sale at our dealership in Rifle, CO. Western Slope Trailer & RV proudly serves the city of Grand Junction, CO.