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How To Level Your Travel Trailer

Once you reach your destination, there are some steps you have to take to properly set up your travel trailer, one of which is leveling it for maximum stability. Some people skip this step but that only ensures their stay is less comfortable because it feels like everything is leaning to one side. 

Some newer units will come with automatic leveling features but, in case yours doesn’t, Western Slope Trailer & RV has listed out the way you can get it done. For additional help or to check out travel trailers for sale in Rifle, CO, get in touch with us and have a chat with one of our expert sales staff. We’re proud to be the leading travel trailer dealer for Grand Junction!

Find a Suitable Location

The best way to go about things is to first find a spot that’s going to make leveling out your trailer easier for you. If you find a place that’s already pretty flat, you’ll have to make fewer adjustments. Also, look for a spot that is on firm ground and avoid setting up your rig on gravel or sand, which can shift under the weight. You may be limited as far as what you can choose for yourself, but this extra step will help make your work a lot easier. 

Level from Side to Side

While the travel trailer is still hitched to your tow vehicle, use a level to figure out how much you’ll need to raise one side of the trailer. Move the whole unit forward a little bit and place leveling blocks or boards where the tires will rest to lift the rig. After that, reverse until you reach your final position and then check how even the whole camper is. Make any adjustments required and repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the leveling. You’ll have to drive back and forth a bit to achieve this, especially when you’re newer to leveling. 

Secure your Trailer and Disconnect

Once the travel trailer has achieved the right level, you can use chocks or blocks in front and behind your wheels to help secure it in place. Then disconnect your tow vehicle and pull it out of the way so you can finish the leveling process. 

Level from Front to Back

Now you’re going to level the travel trailer from front to back. This is simpler because you just have to adjust the hitch with your jack until it tells you that the unit is completely level from this angle as well. Once you’ve finished this step, remember to lock your hitch!

Stabilize the Unit

The final step of your leveling process involves stabilizing your travel trailer. You don’t want to have gone through all that work, only to have your natural movement around the rig throw everything off. That’s why your trailer has stabilizers at each corner of the vehicle. These act as jacks to keep everything in place. 

Most models come with a tool to raise and lower the stabilizers (if they don’t do so automatically), but for ease of use, many owners attach this tool to a powertool. Make sure the jack is firmly pressing into the ground without shoving it in and potentially damaging it.

You might want to use the jacks to level the trailer but remember that those stabilizers are not meant to adjust that kind of weight, only support it. Using them for leveling could cause them to break. Secondly, they’re not particularly efficient, as adjusting one will throw off the others and each little adjustment will probably require you to change all four at once. 

We hope this information helps you and your family have more comfortable and relaxing camping trips! This is something you’ll get better at with practice so don’t get discouraged if it takes you some time to get the hang of things. For more information, get in touch with us at Western Slope Trailer and RV, your local travel trailer dealer in Rifle, CO. If you’re looking for travel trailers for sale near Grand Junction, contact our sales team for further assistance!